The following stationary items are required for 2017:

GRADE 1 & 2:

Stationary packs are ordered for these grades.


1   50 Page Flip Files (Notices, homework, etc.)

15 HB pencils (not too hard)

1   30 cm ruler (marked in mm and cm)

2   Pencil Sharpeners with plastic container attached - no plastic buckets allowed please.

4   Erasers (soft)

1   Small pair blunt nose scissors

3   Large Glue Sticks (Pritt)

1   Packet Mon Amis colouring pencils Twisters (Koki's not allowed)

1   Colouring book

1   White Board - NB ESSENTIAL

8   White Board markers - NB ESSENTIAL

R50 for book covers, plastic, labels, etc. for uniformity

1   Ream photostat paper 80g/m² 500 sheets

1   A4 Butterfly Bright assorted coloured paper 50 sheets (examination pad)

1   Pencil BAG - long with a zip

1   A4 Plastic envelope (to place readers in)

1   pack of coloured Highlighters

1   box of tissues

1   soft cloth (to clean white boards)


GRADE 4-7:

4   Glue stick 20 gram

4   Bic (Orange) - Blue Pens

2   Corvina Multi-coloured Ballpoint pens (Set of 10)

1   Eraser

4   Pencils

1   A5 Homework book - with dates

1   30cm ruler (mm + cm)

1   Pair of scissors - blunt nosed

1   Pencil sharpener

1   Mathematical set (Grade 6 and 7 only)

1   Calculator (Grade 4-6 non-scientific calculator)

1   Calculator for Grade 7 to be purchased at school for R40-00 (compulsory)

1   Ream Photostat Paper 80 g/m² 500 sheets

1   Dictionary - English

1   Wallet Highlighters mixed colours (4 in wallet)

1   Examination Pad

1   20 page Flip File

Heavy duty plastic covers will be sold at the school for R4-00 per cover.


These are only the basic stationary requirements;  your child will need additional items during the course of the year.  Please ensure that your child has the basic needs, as no child can work in the classroom without their own stationary.

Please use a permanent marker pen to mark each and every item individually before your child brings it to school. It is a tedious task but it assists us to return lost property to the rightful owners.


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